Office breakout furniture ideas

Staff breakout areas have become an important part of office life and we have some great furniture ideas that include comfortable modern seating

  • Office Breakout Areas

    Whether you want to provide a quiet breakout place for staff to sit and have a coffee whilst they have a screen break, or eat their lunch away from the computer, or you need somewhere for informal meetings and brainstorming sessions, they can be a comfortable and cheerful part of the office.

    The design of breakout areas can help boost staff morale and productivity and we can help you with this.

  • contemporary breakout area

    Benefits of an office breakout area

    Studies have shown that taking a short break from working at your desk actually raises productivity and gets employees collaborating with each other more. This is because the change in activity helps to refocus your attention on the task in hand.

    So by providing a breakout area, you’re not only giving your staff members the opportunity to get away from the computer and stretch their legs, you’re also helping them to be more productive!

    The Health & Safety Executive guidance on screen breaks is that “short, frequent breaks are more satisfactory than occasional, longer breaks: e.g. a 5-10 minute break after 50-60 minutes’ continuous screen and/or keyboard work is likely to be better than a 15-minute break every 2 hours.” They also advise that, “if possible, breaks should be taken away from the screen”.

  • contemporary office interior

    Comfortable soft office seating

    Breakout areas don’t have to be large or in a separate room – you could just allocate the corner of the office and furnish it with a sofa and comfy chairs and tables. The use of floor-standing screens or even large plants will provide a little privacy and make the area feel more relaxing.

    If you are designing a new breakout area, you’ll need to make sure that people will use it. Soft seating, that looks good at the same time as being comfortable, will encourage people to make the most of it, fulfilling the dual purposes of creating a nice workplace that’s on brand and is well-used.

    By providing an inviting and contemporary breakout area, you’ll encourage employees to look after their health by getting away from their computer screens and prevent visual fatigue.

  • Huddle pods and acoustic seating

    So, what is a huddle pod? Similar to acoustic seating, it focuses on creating a flexible and quiet space for employees. The breakout screens provide an agile meeting space with a stylish finish, making them a welcome addition to any modern office.

    Within an otherwise busy working environment, the privacy offered by huddle pods and acoustic seating in a contemporary breakout area will offer employees a form of escapism; and a ‘change in scenery’ can be a motivating factor in any scenario.

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