Office Acoustics

Create quieter areas within your office that will help increase staff productivity
We supply acoustic desk screens, dividers & floor standing office screening

  • Acoustic office screen

    Acoustic office screen dividers for desks

    In larger offices, especially if they’re open plan, noise can be a problem. We can help resolve this by supplying a range of dividing acoustic screens for desks, floor standing office screening and meeting pods to make quieter areas within your office.

    In a large space with little privacy, employees can find it difficult to concentrate because of noise, distractions and irritations, leading to a potential downturn in productivity.

    The problems don’t end there. Being in an environment like that can trigger the ‘fight or flight’ reaction which could eventually lead to stress-related health and well-being problems, and the potential to result in low employee morale, increased sickness and greater staff turnover, all of which will impact your bottom line.

  • Acoustic office pod

    How to reduce noise levels in the office?

    There is a very simple solution when it comes to reducing noise levels in the office, which has the additional bonus of increasing the privacy of your staff, making them feel more comfortable and enabling them to concentrate on their work rather than being distracted by what’s going on around them.

    By using acoustic screens that have been designed to absorb and block ambient noise, you can create smaller working areas that provide greater peace and quiet for your staff, giving them more opportunities to get work done.

    Desk-mounted acoustic screens will add to the effect, with the additional benefit of breaking up large areas of space in open plan areas.

    Luxury acoustic office pods can also create a quiet work area within a large open plan office.

  • Floor standing acoustic office screens

    Office partitioning screens for an open plan office

    If you don’t have a big enough budget to create separate rooms and offices, acoustic floor standing screens can also be used to create quieter areas for informal meetings or places for members of staff to relax.

    You can also use a number of panels to create booths to help mask the noise of printers, copiers, shredders and any other noisy (and unsightly) items of equipment.

    If your office is too small for a separate kitchen but you do have an area where you can make tea and coffee and wash up, it might be a nice idea to partition it off to allow members of staff to chat without disturbing everyone else whilst they wait for the kettle to boil, as well as helping to mask the noises that are an inevitable part of tea making.

    If you would like to find out more about improving the acoustics in your office, talk to your UOE account manager. If you would like to set up an account for all your office furniture, stationery and office accessories, please contact us for more information, or call us on 08456 43 43 44.

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