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The new kids on the block in office furniture are sit stand up computer desks. We supply adjustable height workstations to offices in London, Hertfordshire & throughout the UK.

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  • Sit stand desk/workstation

    Standing computer desks

    There has been a lot in the press lately about the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle which has led to a trend for both standing computer desks and treadmill desks (yes, they do exist, although treadmill desks are more popular in the States).

    It has been shown that standing increases the heart rate, burns more calories and significantly reduces blood glucose levels.

    However, the problem with standing still all day is that there are as many health risks as there are if you’re sitting all day, so it’s always a good idea to keep moving around at regular intervals.

    A survey into sit stand desks conducted by the BBC and the University of Chester came up with some interesting findings: 100% of people who regularly use sit/stand desks reported they felt better; 87% said they were more comfortable and more energised; 75% felt healthier; 71% were more focused; 66% were more productive; and 62% felt happier. It’s no wonder sit stand desks are so popular!

  • Adjustable Height Table, office

    Height adjustable desk - a healthy compromise!

    Whilst it may seem that sitting down all the time is bad for you and standing statically all the time is bad for you, there is a healthy compromise. It has been recommended that the best thing to do is work sitting down for 20 minutes, then work standing up for 8 minutes, with gentle stretching or walking for two minutes – a combination that eradicates the risk factors associated with too much sitting or too much standing. Height adjustable desks are a perfect way to incorporate this schedule into your work routine.

    Sit stand technology has now been incorporated into benches and workstations as well as single desks. Ask us about the Progress Plus and 120o Bench Workstations.

  • Working Smart

    New to sit stand desking are options to control the station electronically. Advanced keypad options (which can be retrofitted) give individuals the opportunity to have up to three preset heights. An app also tracks their use of the desk, with reminders sent to their phone prompting them to adjust their workstation in order to promote healthy behaviour.

  • Looking Smart

    To keep your workstations looking smart and eliminate trip hazards, there are a variety of sit stand desk accessories available, including cable trays and risers to keep wires safely out of the way, CPU holders for PC towers, phone charger units, privacy screens and modesty panels.

  • Sit or stand – it’s up to you!

    Sit stand desks were invented so all your staff can work optimally for health, giving them the choice as to whether they want to work sitting down or standing up. One study discovered that when call centre staff were provided with sit/stand desks, productivity increased 46%!

    Typically people who use standing desks report they generally feel better, are more comfortable and have more energy. And 2 in 5 report they sleep better. The majority say they are healthier, more focused, more productive and happier, with half saying back, neck and shoulder pain is reduced. Compelling reasons to make the investment and let your staff have greater control over how they work best.

    Our Progress Plus sit stand desks and workstations can be adjusted for use at heights between 685mm and 1185mm using gas-assisted or electric mechanisms. Contact our friendly team to find out more.

Brilliant company to work with and very reliable. The communication is excellent and the prices are too!

Alex, Site Manager

Consistently excellent service, the entire team are helpful, friendly and professional

Peter, FM Buyer

With UOE as our supplier, I know whatever we need our problem is solved.

Amy, Executive Assistant

Everything was installed on time and perfectly. The installation team were friendly and efficient and the desks were exactly what we wanted.

Head of ICT Department at Academy school of 2,000 students in Kent

At Teach First we are delighted to be working so closely with UOE on a daily basis. UOE provide us with various aspects of support throughout all of our (11) offices in the UK. We have been delighted with the level of customer service and support received from UOE and we look forward to continuing this great relationship going forward.

Darren Purnell – Facilities Officer

We have been using UOE for many years as our main preferred supplier for stationery requirements. They have proven to be helpful, supportive, proactive, always willing to go the extra mile and are competitively priced. Thank you UOE, you are a great supplier.

Helena Katseph – Business Manager – Operations

UOE is our very favourite supplier. We have made a conscious effort to move as much as we can into their capable hands. Always there in a pinch, and always able, willing, and eager to go the extra mile for us. We just can’t praise UOE enough!

Amy – Office Support

The Breakout space is great! The booths are in constant use which is fantastic.

All in all, we are very pleased with the project.

Brona Scott – Open Banking









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