Forget the glass ceiling, glass walls are the way forward

29 Nov 2018

glass partitioned office space

Some of our offices at the UOE Hub are made from glass partitions, and there are some very good reasons for this.

Being an entrepreneur – especially if you haven’t got to the stage where you can take on staff – can be quite a lonely experience. You want the privacy and security of your own office, but you don’t want the feeling that you’re all alone, so being able to see other people around you is the perfect compromise.

You will be able to close the door if you have a client meeting or need a bit of quiet time to concentrate, or a confidential phone call to make. If your door is open, your coworking colleagues can easily see you’re at your desk and can say hello as they walk past on their way to the kitchen (and with any luck they’ll offer to make you a cup of tea as well!)


You may not think it, but glass offices can help raise productivity. Having people around you makes you more diligent – it makes you feel that they’re keeping an eye on you so you’re more likely to knuckle down to the task in hand! At the same time, the ability to drastically reduce the noise levels generally associated with an open-plan office space enables you to focus much better on the task in hand.

It’s easy to grow

The joy of renting a private glass office in a coworking Hub is that you can be as flexible as you like. As soon as you start growing your business and taking on staff, it’s easy for us to increase the size of your office. All we have to do is create a larger space for you!

Another advantage of having a base at the Hub is that, if you’re working on a short-term project that requires you to take on temporary staff, we can help out with a hot desk or resident desk for them. You’ll only be charged for time you need the extra working space so there’s no impact on your bottom line. We also have a fully equipped meeting room available to rent by the hour for when you need to get the whole team together

If you are looking for office space in the centre of Hertford, either for just yourself or you and your staff members, contact us to talk about your requirements.

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