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5 Office design trends to look out for in 2019

7 Nov 2018

Office furniture and design has changed a lot in recent years, reflecting the changes in the way we work. Gone are the rows of utilitarian desks that all look the same, discouraging personality and individuality; gone are the huge number of filing cabinets into which we stuffed (and often misfiled) a whole rainforest’s worth of paper.

They have been replaced by bright and colourful office designs for a working environment that is increasingly reliant on cloud technology. This means we can concentrate on creating a beautiful working environment that is much more suited to the way we work in the 21st century, and one that your employees will enjoy working in.

Recent advances in materials have enabled furniture designers to be more creative – and fun – with shapes and concepts to produce more attractive and minimalist office furniture that is also robust and practical.

Here are our predictions for office design trends in 2019.

Greener Offices

office storage with green plants










There is increasingly greater emphasis on how your employees can be affected by their surroundings – a stark, uninviting space can be demotivating, and a colourful, friendly office can be very motivating. And with more evidence of how nature and greenery can have positive effects on mental welfare, it makes sense to have lots of plants in your office. One 2019 trend in office furniture is to create storage units with space for plants on top, enabling you to make your office greener and happier without taking up any additional space.  

Sit and stand desks


There is now a huge amount of evidence about how bad it is for you to sit down all day, yet the majority of office workers do just that. The recent trend for height adjustable desks is helping to address this, giving your employees the choice of whether to sit or stand while they work. The latest addition to our range is the Progress Plus Sit Stand Desk which allows you to pre-set your favourite heights and select them in seconds. You can even link your desk to the app to receive healthy tips and regular reminders to stand throughout the day!


Nanotechnology is set to revolutionise office furniture. It’s extremely tough and is resistant to dry heat (which means you can put your cup of tea on it without worrying about leaving marks), water resistant, and will even ‘heal’ small scratches, giving it a longer lifespan.

Nano desk



With open plan offices, it’s sometimes difficult to have a quiet meeting or sit and concentrate properly on a task. Booths are very much on trend as we go into the new year; they provide an excellent private space for a great place to work without being interrupted. Larger booths are great for small, informal gatherings or meetings. Our booths have plenty of plug points so you don’t have to worry about running out of power and we can even fit air charging units so that you can charge your phone wirelessly while you work.


We think that lovely bright, restorative colours are going to be one of the major trends in 2019. In addition, natural colours such as green will also be popular as companies continue to embrace sustainability. They’re the sort of colours that will lift our spirits and encourage us to be more confident and motivated in our work. So if you want a bright, eclectic look that will keep staff happy and impress clients, mix and match from our colour range.

If you would like to talk about redesigning your office, or just want to buy lovely new office furniture, call our friendly team on 08456 43 43 44.

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Originally Published: 07/11/18. Updated: 03/12/18.

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