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Are you ready for GDPR?

12 Apr 2018

GDPR legislation 25 May 2018

GDPR is fast approaching and all businesses, however small, must be ready for 25th May when it comes into effect. But, if you own or manage a small business, don’t panic about the news stories you may have heard about large fines – the Information Commissioner’s Office has assured small businesses that the ICO is there to help not punish.

In an article for the FSB, Elizabeth Denham, the UK Information Commissioner, reassured small businesses that fines will be a last resort, adding that “This law is not about fines. It’s about putting the consumer and citizen first”. Which is good news for us all as individuals as it gives us more control over what companies do with our personal data, but will require businesses to get things right.

Help is at hand

In collaboration with the ICO, the FSB has produced guidelines that are specifically aimed at entrepreneurs and small businesses to help them prepare for GDPR, with a #FSBeDataReady campaign, which includes a handy checklist and videos.

The ICO has also posted a data protection self-assessment toolkit on its own website, as well as a document recommending the 12 Steps that you need to take now in order to be prepared.

The media is now beginning to highlight GDPR and look at examples of good practice, such as this article in The Telegraph. And trade publications are posting news, articles and advice that are industry specific.

Data Protection Bill

If you’re hoping that the advent of Brexit means you can be more relaxed about your data when we leave the EU, think again. You may also have heard of the new Data Protection Bill being proposed by the UK Government which will actually go further than GDPR, although the basic requirements will be the same. So there’s no getting round the fact that you must make sure your company is ready for GDPR.

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