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How working in a professional office space can help you with your New Year resolutions

9 Jan 2023

Benefits of not working from home

The benefits of not working from home

After the Covid pandemic, we were forced to adapt to  working from home. Since then, we’ve had to figure out our new work styles and how we can be most efficient and productive. Although it’s sometimes nice to work from home, it’s all too easy to get distracted. In terms of keeping those New Year’s resolutions there are many benefits to using a professional office space. 


It’s really difficult balancing work and having a healthy lifestyle. It’s something you wish you could blend together and take care of both aspects at the same time. Well, instead of working from home where your step count can sometimes amount to how many times you get up to boil the kettle, why not check out our office spaces in Hertford? Renting an office at The Hub will help motivate you into being healthier and more productive. Get your steps in by walking to and from work, and take a walk through the town on your lunch break. Getting out of the house will definitely help you keep your resolution about being more active. The best part is, it won’t feel like a work out but just a nice part of your day. It wakes you up in the morning getting you ready for the day ahead, and helps you wind down when your day is done. 


We are all guilty of taking a step away from the computer to go and forage for a snack. Be it a reward or a pick-me-up, of some kind. When you’re at home there’s a supply of all your favourite foods in easy reach and resistance can sometimes feel impossible. This leaves those ‘no snacking’ or ‘weight loss’ resolutions feeling futile. There’s no shame in not having the best impulse control – who does? The best way to keep you from caving on your resolution goals and conquering those cravings is to take yourself out of the situation or the environment in which it’s all too easy to raid the fridge. By removing yourself from essentially having free rein of anything you could desire, you’re removing temptation. If you’re not sure if renting an office space is something you fully want to commit to, a hot desk could be the perfect solution for you. Give it a try and see how much less tempted you are when you’re not within walking distance of the snack cupboard!


One of your resolutions may be as simple as giving yourself structure and control in your daily routine. When we take time off for the holidays it can feel tricky to ‘get back on the horse’ and motivate yourself to get back into your routine. Maybe this year you want to do things differently. Being at home may be a nice comfort zone but nothing extraordinary ever comes from being comfortable. By getting yourself into a serviced office space, you’re forcing yourself out of that comfort zone and getting the creative juices flowing once more. You will have other people to talk to and bounce ideas off. You can add structure to your day, improve your productivity and provide yourself with a point of focus that separates your work and home life.

Your mental health will truly benefit from a sense of order, purpose and fulfilment as well as the enrichment you feel when interacting with other people in either a casual or professional setting.

Keeping your resolutions can be difficult, so why not let us help make it a bit easier. Check it out for yourself by booking a tour at our Hertford Hub, and discover what UOE has to offer.

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