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Business services in Hertford

7 Feb 2023

5 Star Business services, In Hertford

If what you require is Business Services in Hertford, look no further. UOE in Hertford can be found on Maidenhead Street and works hard to provide you with any business services you need, whether that’s an office space, meeting room, office stationery, printing, and much more. 

Commercial stationery

Our stationery collection features everything you need at affordable prices, available in on-trend designs and a selection of different colours. We are a one-stop-shop for all your stationery needs. Whether you want office supplies, back to school equipment or quirky gifts for clients UOE has a fantastic range of stationery ready and waiting for you to discover.

Our stationery includes pens, notepads, work planners, diaries, calenders, school equipment, and excellent gift ideas for friends and family.

Business centre

Our business centre truly is a hub for all your Hertford business service needs. In terms of printing and copying we offer options depending on format, colour and size. We can provide colour and mono printing and copying in A4 and A3 with ease. Our wide format mono plan printing and copying, as well as wide format colour photo printing in A2 and A1, are 48 hour services so make sure you plan slightly in advance with this option.  

With us, you are able to scan emails in a variety of forms (PDF, JPEG or BMP), as well as global faxing, both sending and receiving. We can take care of your laminating for you as we cater to sizes: A5, A4 and A3. We also offer comb binding, if you  want to keep things neat and tidy, giving a professional feel to any report or business plan. 

We have Internet and PC access if you’re unable to access this at home. If you require a Digital ID or a passport photo, this is another service we are to happily oblige with.


In recent years, not working at the company office has become the norm. Although it was initially forced upon us, for many, remote working has become the preferred way to work. Whether that’s because you work better without the usual office distractions or you’re setting up your own line of work and need a dedicated work space. But if you find working at home lonely or there are too many distractions, UOE can offer you a space to get your work done. You will also meet like-minded individuals to bounce ideas off, or host meetings with a team for the next big idea. The space is designed to be tailored to your small business needs.

We have hot desks for those who want the flexibility to come and go as they please with little commitment. This is a cost-effective work method for those in the business of freelancing, sole trading or working remotely. Then there are resident desks for those who want more security that they will have a desk every day.

If you’re not just looking for a space for one person, or perhaps want more privacy than a hot desk or resident desk provides, we also offer small serviced offices at our Hertford Hub. These allow for maximum concentration and productivity with little to no distractions.

If you have a presentation or a client meeting coming up but are at a loss for a professional space that’s budget friendly, Our Hertford meeting room provides the ideal solution. 

Virtual office

Finally, if you are in need of a virtual office address because you want your new small business to have a professional edge whilst still working at home, this is something else we can provide.

By now, you can see that UOE provides a multitude of business services in Hertford, aiming to cater to professionals who are looking for a space to deliver their best work. Pop in today or get in contact to see how you can obtain a reasonably priced workspace that works for you!

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