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New Digital identity services available at your local UOE Post Office

23 Sep 2022

digital identity

Digital Identify Services at UOE

Applying for a passport, driving licence or any official identity document takes time and always carries a little worry that you may have left something out, or a signature off – and it’s going to come back to you marked “Incomplete”. Using any of the UOE ID application services will relieve you of that worry. We are specialists in all forms of ID application and know exactly which i’s to dot and t’s to cross. Choose from any of our ID application services, below.

1. Passport – Digital Check and Send Service

2. UK driving licence renewals

3. International Driving Permits

4. DBS checks

5. Security Industry Authority (SIA) licence

6. One identity check for multiple IDs

7. EasyID

1. Passport – Digital Check and Send Service

Our new Digital check and send service is the fastest, most efficient option for new passport applications and passport renewals. While not replacing the paper check and send service, Digital Check and Send reduces the processing time by over a week, giving you your new passport within, on average, 4 weeks.

The process: 

  1. If you have a current or old passport, bring that with you, and we’ll use this to fill in your application. No worries if not. You will need other proof of ID
  2. We take a digital photo of you which is compliant with HM Passport Office guidelines
  3. Everything is double-checked and your application is sent, digitally. We’ll also send your old paper passport to HM Passport Office by Special Delivery ​​
  4. HM Passport Office will send you text messages and emails to update you on the progress of your application
  5. If you are replacing a lost/stolen passport you will need to provide details of and UK-resident adult, who has known you personally for two years and can confirm your identity.​
  6. You’ll receive your new passport in the post.

2. UK driving licence renewals

As a UK motorist, you are required by law to ensure your photocard driving licence is valid. If your driving licence has expired, you could be liable for a fine of up to £1,000. New driving licences are initially granted for 10 years. When your current license approaches expiration you will receive a renewal notice from the DVLA. (Another good reason to let the DVLA know if you move house!)

So, avoid any run-ins with the law, by simply bringing your current licence and renewal notice to your nearest UOE Post Office. We will take a fresh photo, capture your signature, and submit your application on your behalf. All ‘legal and above board’.

3. International Driving Permits

If you are driving overseas, you may need an International Driving Permit (IDP). The permit you may need depends on which country you’re visiting and how long you’re staying. For many countries, a UK driving license will suffice, however, using the Post Office’s IDP Checker will let you know for sure.

If it turns out that you do need an IDP, UOE Post Offices can issue you one. Bring along your full valid photocard licence (or a valid passport if you only have the older paper version of the driving licence) and a passport photo. If you don’t have a recent photo, we can take one for you.

4. Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks

DBS checks require original ID documents. The UOE checking service bypasses the need to send those documents away. Bring them, and your application form to a UOE Post Office. We will verify the documents, certify any necessary copies (and we can make those photocopies for you) and send everything on for you.

5. Security Industry Authority (SIA) licence

Begin your application on the UK government website. Bring the reference number this gives you, and the advised documentation plus copies along to UOE (or we can take copies for you). We will check and verify them, and then submit them for you.

6. One identity check for multiple IDs

Save time on multiple applications with this new Post Office digital identity service which links all applications, validations and certifications of IDs.

We take one digital photo of you, meeting all requirements for a biometric passport in terms of facial expression, image quality and positioning, and upload it to a secure website. Once the photo has been approved, you will be given a unique code. Use this code when applying for a passport online, or other licences and certifications: your photo will automatically be uploaded to those individual applications. Hey presto!

7. EasyID App

The new safe way to prove your identity and age – online and in person. The Post Office’s EasyID app provides a place to securely store all your ID documentation together, with easy access to everything you may need, when ever you need it.

Click here to find out more about the Post Office identity services, or pop into your local UOE Post Office & Store and ask for more information.

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