Building a wall of storage

15 Jan 2019

modern storage lockers white

It doesn’t matter what your company does, it has one thing in common with every other workplace on the planet – the need for storage. Even if your office has gone as paperless as possible (we defy any office to prove there is no need to have any kind of paper in the building), you still have a lot of ‘stuff’ and you need somewhere to put it.

If you’ve filled every cupboard in the building but still need more space, you don’t have to start looking for a larger and more expensive office. There are ways of making even more of the space you have in the form of storage walls.

By using all the available vertical space, you can significantly increase the amount of storage space you have. Storage wall units come in a range of colours and finishes, can be freestanding, fitted, off-the-shelf or bespoke. So you can keep the look consistent throughout your business and adapt the units to fit your needs.

Make it a design feature

Storage walls are not just big cupboards. You can create them to be as attractive as they are practical, to fit in with the rest of your office furniture with opportunities for shelving, and space to have AV screens and display your best products, as well as somewhere convenient to keep the posh coffee machine.

Integral part of your office design

As storage walls are as sturdy as they are practical, they can be used as partitions in open plan offices, providing not just a visual barrier but also much better soundproofing than ordinary partitions. And this will give your staff the privacy and quiet they need in order to be more productive.

And with somewhere to store all the bits and pieces that normally lie around the office and can make it look somewhat chaotic, your staff will even be encouraged to keep the place much tidier! Who knows, sending out nagging emails telling staff to keep up with the filing may become a thing of the past!

If you want to improve your workplace with storage walls, contact us to find out more.

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