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5 Oct 2020

Smaller Office space

UK businesses are changing the way they work. The effects of the pandemic have acted as a catalyst for the speed in which companies are implementing remote working practices. According to a new survey, over the next year, more than a third of companies are planning to move into smaller offices.

There will always be a need for a physical office, but for many companies, the way they use their premises will change. It is much more likely that the office will be primarily used for client meetings as well as team meetings, with office staff only needing to come together occasionally while working on projects, or to hot desk on an ad hoc or rota basis.

The rapid uptake and acceptance of remote working means that fewer people will be in the office at any given time. This will enable businesses to reduce the size of their premises as they no longer need to provide desks for everyone to be in the office at the same time.

Large businesses are already acting on the shift in the way we work. It has been reported that the government contractor Capita has made the move to remote working practices and, as a consequence, plans to reduce the size of its central London office and not renew the leases on 25 of its offices around the UK, saving around £20m over the next two years.

How a serviced office will benefit your company

With so many companies looking for smaller offices, there is already a surge in demand for serviced office space like the UOE Hub. The less you use your office, the less effort you will want to put into maintaining it. This is why a serviced office is such a good compromise – all your cleaning, maintenance, repairs, WiFi and utilities are taken care of and included in your monthly rent. It will not only save your company money, it will also enable you to budget more accurately – offering an even more efficient way to work.

An additional benefit of a serviced office is that it is flexible enough to accommodate changes in your company’s needs. Serviced offices usually have additional hot desking facilities to rent. This means that if you are working on projects that require more members of staff to work together than your dedicated office can hold, there will be extra desks available for them in the same building. And with our flexible contracts from as little as one month, you won’t be paying for anything you’re not using, making it an extremely cost-effective solution.

Perfect for remote working

Local hot desks and resident desks are also useful for any staff members who do not want to commute long distances but find working at home too distracting. Serviced offices provide a professional working environment that’s free of interruptions from children, pets, deliveries and assorted domestic duties. Renting office space in a local Hub is a great compromise that will benefit your work−life balance. It will also give you a professional address, enabling you to keep your private life just that – private.

Office availability

In response to increased demand, we are expanding our smaller suites to include six offices suitable for 1-4 people at the Hertford Hub. Occupancy is from November 2020. If you are looking for a professional space in the town centre where you can work alone or with colleagues, meet clients or just take advantage of a more work-like atmosphere, click here to find out more information and book a tour.

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