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How Hertford businesses can embrace hybrid working

11 May 2022

The last couple of years have changed the way we work forever. With virtually every office worker in the country being forced to work from home, businesses realised that it was no longer necessary for everyone to work in the office every day of the week. The current state of technology means that, as long as they have access to WiFi, staff can log in remotely and work just as effectively as they ever did in the office. Indeed, without the commuting or distractions from colleagues, remote working is proving more productive for many. 

That is why companies have now adopted remote working and hybrid working practices, which means fewer staff members in the office at any given time. 

Even growing businesses are downsizing premises

Hertford businesses have realised that, with hybrid working practices in place, they need less space than they did before. With rising utility bills and the need to compensate staff for the increased cost of living, the ideal of having a spacious office is no longer practical. That is why many businesses are downsizing their physical office space to save money and protect their profits. 

So all your business needs is a space that can accommodate the fewer members of staff who will be working in the office on any given day. Which means you can downsize your office, reducing your expenses and enabling you to better manage your budget. 

Advantages of renting a serviced office at the UOE Hub in Hertford

Renting a serviced office space at the UOE Hub in Hertford will give you huge advantages. As WiFi and all the utilities, cleaning and maintenance, plus desks and chairs (if you need them) and even the tea and coffee are included in the monthly cost, you’ll be able to stay completely in control of your budget for overheads. You’ll also save on all the admin time you currently spend on organising all these office essentials – time you could be spending on  fee-earning jobs. 

Hertford is an easy location to get to and has great public transport links with London. 

Having an office in central Hertford will really impress your clients. When they come to visit for meetings, you’ll be able to take them to one of the many incredible cafés, bars or restaurants that help to give the town so much character. By doing so, you’ll not only be treating your clients to a great meal or delicious coffee, you’ll also be able to support the local independent businesses which make up the majority of Hertford’s eating establishments. 

The UOE Hub is part of the UOE Store, so membership of the Hub includes discounts on goods and business services in the Store – and indeed any of the UOE Stores across North London and Hertfordshire. 

Hertford is a beautiful town with a lot of green spaces, which means you and your staff will have somewhere to relax and walk at lunchtimes. Situated just a hop, skip and a jump away from the UOE Hub, the grounds of Hertford Castle are picturesque at any time of the year. However, in the summer, they offer somewhere lovely to sit and watch the world go by. Slightly further away is Hartham Common which is bounded by two rivers, the Lea and the Beane. Take a stroll along the footpath by the Lea, or meet up with friends for a game of frisbee on the common or just to enjoy a picnic. 

Come and see how much you could save by downsizing your office space to the UOE Hub in Hertford. We’re above the Post Office on Maidenhead Street, so if you know Hertford at all, you’ll know we’re in a prime position.

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