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Keeping recyclable chairs up-tempo!

8 May 2019

Recycable Tempo Chairs, in a boardroom

Demand for products that lessen our ecological impact is growing, but at the same time, we do not want to compromise style, comfort, convenience or quality. The trend for making furniture out of old wooden pallets and objects you’ve found in skips is great for the environment, but it isn’t going to impress your clients at meetings (unless you run an upcycling company of course…).

Thankfully, when it comes to office chairs, we now have the perfect compromise between achieving designer-led style and lowering your carbon footprint. Even if you’re not interested in the provenance of its materials, you’ll still be excited by the sleek modernist beauty of the Tempo chair.

The Tempo is the new mesh-back chair on the block that ticks all the boxes. It’s 100% recyclable and is also made from recycled plastic. This means that as well as reusing resources, the Tempo also uses less energy in the manufacturing process and subsequently has a lower footprint.

Ergonomic and sophisticated

These Italian-designed ergonomic office chairs are sculpted and elegant, and they have the highest levels of support and comfort. They come with a breathable mesh back, a choice of bases and are fully height adjustable. The chairs are available in black or white, with the additional choice between black or white meshing, allowing you to choose whether to subtly blend in or go proudly two-tone.

If you like to fidget in your chair, the Tempo has a 9o tilt range – although those who prefer to sit still can lock it into place.

Brilliant for boardrooms

If you want to modernise your meeting room with eye-catching boardroom furniture, the new Tempo chairs will help your business make a bold and original statement. And if your company has an official CSR policy, they’ll provide a great talking point about the steps you are taking to lessen your carbon footprint without compromising at all on style.

Great for creativity

There are plenty of studies that conclude that an uninspiring workplace discourages creativity, so it follows that an inspiring workplace will encourage your staff to be more creative. This means that thinking outside the same-old-same-old box when it comes to office furniture could have seriously positive repercussions in terms of motivation, ideas and productivity and is therefore well worth the investment.

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