How to set up a temporary office

12 Apr 2017

Temporary office

If, say, you’re based in Hertford and are looking for a temporary office or a short-term office rental, it’s actually very easy. Simply contact us at the UOE Hub and set up a visit. Job done!
The Hub is a collaborative working space for freelancers, entrepreneurs and small businesses. Everything is provided for you, including as many desks as you need, high speed WiFi and as much tea and coffee as you want. All you need to do is turn up with your laptop, plug it in and start working.

The alternatives

If co-working office space didn’t exist, the alternative option would be to set up a temporary office at home, with all the distractions that brings, including your children interrupting your Skype calls, as Professor Robert Kelly recently found out when he was interviewed for a live BBC broadcast.

There are other downsides to working at home, mainly that the boundaries between personal time and work time can become blurred unless you’re very disciplined. It can also be very isolating working alone with no-one to have a chat with when you need a break, or bounce ideas off.

Many people find that working from home can eventually become quite demotivating. As a way of getting around the isolation, many are often seen working on their laptops in cafés where the buzz created by the people around them is more reminiscent of an office environment.

However, whilst cafés can be a good alternative to working in an office, they are public spaces and could be a concern in terms of security – if you are working on confidential documents, it would not be a good idea to do it in public as you never know who could be looking over your shoulder.

Technology can also be a problem. Although many cafés have WiFi, a lot of the time it’s not high speed, and with so many coffee drinkers online at the same time, it can become frustratingly slow.
Finally, because you will be buying goods from the counter in order to ‘rent’ your space, you could be piling on the calories just by drinking fancy coffee alone… and that’s before you even start on the cakes!

Short-term office rental

Another alternative is to look for a short-term office rental, which will give you security and privacy but, if this is your preferred route, you will need to take into account all the extra costs you will incur in terms of rates, utilities etc. Time could also be a factor – you will probably have to wait until the office is ready for you to move in and if you find a more permanent solution before your lease is up, you could incur extra costs to get out of the lease or end up paying for two rents even though you only need one office.

Even if your short-term office rental is just going to be for a few months, you will probably end up spending money decorating it, especially if your clients will be visiting you. You may end up renting a larger office than you need in order to have enough space for client meetings. All of which means spending extra money that could more profitably be spent on your business.

Coworking space in Hertford

If you are looking for a temporary office in Hertford, the UOE Hub can accommodate your needs exactly. You will only ever need to pay for the number of desks you are using, and will always have access to a meeting room for client visits which you only pay for when you need it. You will have all the office furniture and utilities you need included in the price, including high speed WiFi.

The UOE Hub is in the centre of the beautiful market town of Hertford, and couldn’t be more conveniently placed – it’s on the floor above the Post Office! Space is available at short notice and you can end your contract whenever you need to. Contact us to find out more and get a FREE one-day pass.

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