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Top 5 reasons why companies should introduce agile working

19 Jun 2019

Comforable office furniture, soft seating

Technology has revolutionised the way we work and gives people the choice and flexibility to work in a way that suits them best. Flexible working within an office building is becoming more popular, and there are various reasons why you might want to change the interior design of your company’s offices to encourage what is known as ‘agile working’.

Rather than have rows of desks with desktop computers, many companies are now opting to issue employees with laptops and letting them work where they feel most comfortable. Typically, agile companies will create different working zones within the building, both formal and informal, using comfortable and great looking office furniture that’s designed for the purpose. By doing this, they can offer employees the choice of quiet space, soft seating, meeting rooms, soundproof offices or a communal area. So if someone needs to concentrate on an important task, they can find a space that allows them to work uninterrupted, and once they’ve finished, they can join their colleagues in a more friendly, chatty area.

Here are our top 5 reasons why you need to consider introducing agile working to your company:

Talent retention

The more popular agile workplaces become, the more people want them. Having more freedom and control over the way they work is very appealing and is likely to attract a talented workforce. The way people work is important to them, and if they are happy with their job and their work-life balance, they are much more likely to stay at your company, meaning you will enjoy the advantages of having a happy and talented workforce.

Improved productivity

Economists are calling it the ‘productivity puzzle’, as the debate continues on what is contributing to the gradual slowing of the average productivity rates in the UK over the past decade. Designing your workplace to encourage motivation and better morale will pay dividends in terms of efficiency and energy, leading to increased productivity.

Cost savings

With office rental costs being so high, introducing agile working could save your company money by reducing unused desk space. There is also the probability that some staff members will choose to work remotely, freeing up more space, which means you can fit more staff members into your building without having to move to larger premises.

Reduced carbon footprint

The likelihood that staff will choose to work from home more often means that agile working also contributes to the reduction of your business’s carbon footprint – if someone does not commute, they will not be using their car. And by needing a smaller space, you’ll be using less heating, lighting, air conditioning, etc., contributing to a lower footprint at the same time as saving money. Great news to shout about as part of your CSR policy too!

Client retention

When clients visit your agile office, they won’t fail to be impressed by it, both in terms of the way it looks and the attitude of your employees. It will also give you the opportunity to talk to your clients in an area that will suit them best, so if it’s going to be more of a friendly chat than a formal meeting, you can find a nice comfortable spot rather than having to sit in the boardroom. Happier clients are much more likely to do business with you and stay loyal to your company.

If you’re ready to make the change to agile working, get in touch with us for office interior design ideas and office furniture that’s suitable for the creation of different working zones.

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