We’re going naked!

11 Nov 2019

We’re going naked!

If your first thought when reading that headline was ‘oo-er’, then rest assured that the only ‘naked’ things in our stores will be our greetings cards! As part of our green commitment, the majority of our greetings cards are already printed on recycled card, but from December, we’re going even further.

In time for Christmas, we’ll begin introducing a range of naked greetings cards, by which we mean packaging-free ones!

Stocking cards that do not have plastic wrappers will save the earth from a lot of plastic – we estimate around 100,000 plastic wrappers a year. And we’re planning to make a lot more of our product ranges naked in the future too, so look out for the introduction of ‘Eco Corners’ in our stores.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Like many businesses, we have introduced a robust CSR policy to enhance our brand values. The packaging-free greetings cards are the latest in our ongoing environmental successes. Over the past few years, we have been quietly introducing greener initiatives such as replacing diesel with electric vehicles, installing low energy LED lighting, removal of all plastic carrier bags, and stocking a selection of over 1,300 products with FSC certification and/or recycled content.

Why does the world need less plastic?

If you’re not aware of the so-called ‘Blue Planet effect’, what colour planet are you living on?! According to National Geographic, there are currently more than five trillion pieces of plastic floating in and polluting the oceans.

The sad thing is that while many individuals are putting more plastic into their recycling bins, not much of it ultimately gets recycled – in fact, only 9% does – a shockingly low figure considering how much single-use plastic we use.

In the meantime, more people are trying to do their best to reduce their plastic consumption, but it is not an easy task. That is why we think it is up to companies like us to get on board and make it easier to buy products that are altogether free of plastic packaging.

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