The advantages of bench desk systems

11 Sep 2019

Bench Desking

Bench desk systems have become more popular in modern offices, especially with companies that promoting agile working. Bench desking provides a shared table environment which encourages people to sit together, either for meetings or to give them a chance to talk to each other as they work on the same project.

They are popular in co-working spaces as the layout creates a friendly working environment, where entrepreneurs and freelancers can feel like they’re part of a team even though they’re all working on their separate businesses.

Bench desks are as great at multitasking as your team are. When they’re not being used as desks, they can double up as venues for informal meetings, as breakout areas and as lunch tables for employees who don’t want to sit at their desks during their break (or get crumbs in their keyboard!).

Short, tall, long or narrow

The size of your bench desks can vary according to how large or small the available space is or how many people you anticipate will use them. Choose from benches suitable for two, three or four people to sit comfortably side by side.

And if you want to shake things up a bit, our bench desks come in ‘normal’ desk height as well as tall, making your office look more interesting as well as giving your staff even the choice of a sit stand desk when it comes to working where it suits them best.

They look great too!

Our bright, contemporary bench desks are complemented by chairs, stools and even benches in the same designs. Available in a number of veneers, finishes and colours, they’ll look great in any office.

You can also add accessories to help you keep power cables tidy and safely out of the way, so your company can look smart at the same time as working smart.

For more information regarding bench desks and what they can bring to the table… get in touch or take a look at the range of desks available!

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