How to keep employees who no longer want to commute into London

9 Sep 2021

employee retention and hybrid working

The lockdowns have had a profound effect on London office workers, so the hot topic is currently employee retention. Having spent so much time working remotely, many have realised how much time they regained by not having to commute to and from the capital, and they like it! The HR Director magazine recently reported on an exodus of talented workers who no longer want to spend time commuting to London every day.

If you’re running a London-based business, losing your best employees just because they no longer want to commute isn’t an appealing thought. However, there are solutions that will benefit both you and your staff members.Improve your employee retention with these ideas:-

Hybrid working

It could be that your employees would be happy to work in the office a couple of days a week, with the rest of their time spent working from home. The hybrid working model has become so popular, it’s fast becoming the new normal. With so many office workers no longer needing to travel to London every day of the week, the rail operating companies, have introduced new season ticket options that take hybrid working into account.

Set up a satellite office

If the desire to spend less time on a train means your most talented staff members are prepared to resign, then minimise the risk by setting up a satellite office that’s conveniently located for them. It isn’t as expensive as you’d think – indeed, it would probably work out cheaper than offering your staff pay rises in order to keep them with the company.

By renting space at a serviced office like the UOE Hub in in Hertford you’ll be able to keep your staff happy, motivated and productive, all of which will benefit your business. You could even make the most of having two office bases to impress your clients with!

Move your office out of London altogether

Many large businesses are moving out of London altogether, and a lot of UK businesses are planning to move into smaller offices as a result of remote and hybrid working practices. By moving your office out of London, your business could save a substantial amount of money in terms of rents and rates, alongside the cost savings to be made by downsizing as more employees want to spend more time working from home.

By moving your office out of London to the UOE Hub in Hertford you’ll be saving money not only on your premises, but also on facilities because we’ll manage the office for you. Included in the rent is cleaning, maintenance and repairs, air conditioning, superfast WiFi, and unlimited tea and coffee. All meaning your staff can concentrate on their work rather than facilities management.

And the best thing is you’ll still be only half an hour from London by train, giving you all the advantages of doing business out of London, with all the advantages of having the capital within easy reach.

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