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28 Jun 2021

Serviced office space Hertfordshire

When you’re working in an office with others as opposed to working on your own at home, you’ll notice a completely different dynamic. Working ‘home alone’ can be dull and demotivating because you don’t have other people to bounce ideas off. There isn’t even anyone to have a chat with when you need a little break! On the other hand, if you work in a coworking space with other people around you, you’ll get all the advantages of the kind of interactions that can lead to some very creative and productive ideas.

Indeed, coworking spaces have been described as ‘serendipity accelerators’.This essentially means the atmosphere helps people think of great ideas which happen even if you’re not trying to think of them. ‘Serendipity’ being the art of discovery by happy accident. So a simple chat with one of your coworkers while you’re waiting for the kettle to boil could spark a great new business idea, introduce you to a new product or service to add to your range, or lead to a recommendation for a new supplier.

Working alone stifles creativity

The main advantage of being around other people is that you’ll always have someone to bounce ideas off. Getting great ideas isn’t always easy if you’re working at home alone. It’s unlikely that your next great business proposition will spring into being while you’re answering emails or chasing new clients. Great ideas can and do happen when you’re alone. Of course, they are more likely when you’re taking a break and your train of thought is not in work mode. Creative ideas are more likely to happen when you’re out walking or running. After all, when you’re not working and your mind has the opportunity to wander.

That’s why a chance encounter by the kettle is more likely to reap benefits. To begin with, while you’re waiting for the water to boil, you have an excuse to have a little chat rather than go back to your desk to keep working, meaning an idea is more likely to start forming. And when you do think of something, you’ve got someone to talk it through with and get feedback from. This also gives you a chance to refine it and make it even better.

Working in a professional environment benefits business creativity

Your working environment matters. When you’re in a serviced office space setting, surrounded by like-minded business people, you’re motivated to work harder on your own business and are therefore more likely to be productive. When you’re at home – especially if you don’t have a home office – you’re more likely to be distracted by domestic issues and subject to interruptions and unwanted noise when the kids get home from school. Without the background of quiet productivity, it can be extremely difficult to get through your scheduled workload. Let alone come up with the kind of creative ideas that could enable you to move your business forward.

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