How to make a meeting successful

15 Aug 2019

Meeting room, modern and sophisticated

Meetings are an important part of running your company. They’re a great way to communicate ideas to your team and are essential for bringing new clients on board. Having said this, people generally feel they spend too much time in meetings. So we’ve looked into ways of making sure your meetings – especially client meetings – are useful as well as successful.

What is the point of your meeting?

To make the most effective use of your time and that of your staff members and clients, it’s always a good idea to think about whether or not the meeting is necessary before you book the meeting room. Organising meetings can take some time, and when travelling is involved, people don’t want to waste time getting to something that may not be necessary. Is it possible you could get the decision you need via a phone call? Or is there another way of dealing with the issue?

If a meeting is the best way forward, it’s a good idea to set a time limit on it, which will focus everyone on getting through the agenda efficiently. If clients understand that meetings with you are always useful and productive, they will be more receptive and open to having them.

Looking good!

Your meeting room acts as a kind of ‘shop front’ for your business – it’s where your clients and potential clients will be spending most of their time when they visit you for meetings. And that’s why it’s essential to ensure your meeting room furniture reflects your brand well.

Meetings are often accompanied by presentations which involve audio visual equipment. Most people will also have their laptops with them with, so they can take notes or look something up. So many electronic gadgets in one room can result in a tangle of power cables draped across the table and floor – often involving extension leads too. This problem is easily solved by replacing your boardroom tables with ones that have integrated power points, enabling people to plug things in without fuss and keep the table tidy at the same time.

Keeping your clients comfortable

It could well be that it’s necessary for your meetings and presentations to last a long time. Maybe your client has travelled a long way to meet you, and you have an intensive day’s work ahead of you all. The last thing that any of you will want is to be uncomfortable. If that is the case, you won’t be able to concentrate properly, meaning your time will not be spent effectively. So for the success of your meeting, it’s worth considering an investment in some ergonomic chairs which will not only look stylish, they will also ensure that everyone is sitting comfortably at all times.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help ensure your meetings run smoothly, get in touch!

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