Top 5 benefits of having a virtual office

8 Aug 2019

virtual office space

Virtual offices make perfect sense for freelancers, consultants and tradespeople who work for themselves. They can be used as a simple business address or as a registered company address, and offer mail pick up or forwarding services.

Let’s take a look at the Top 5 benefits to small businesses of using a virtual office:

It keeps your private life private

If you work for yourself but don’t need business premises, you’ll be based at your home address. Understandably, many people don’t feel comfortable publishing their home address on their business cards, website or online listings, so a virtual office address will afford you the privacy you and your family need.

It gives your business credibility

Potential clients and customers will find you more trustworthy if you are happy to give them your business address. It reassures them that yours is a credible business and that you have nothing to hide.

It boosts your online rankings

Being open about your business address is not just a way to increase trust amongst your clients and potential clients, it will also boost your online search rankings. When people do a Google search for the services or products you offer, as well as looking for essential keywords, Google will also be looking at a number of other aspects of your company as it ranks the results. Publishing your address on your website will give you more credibility than competitors who prefer to keep their address private.

The office is there if you need it

If your work means you’re on the road most, or even all, of the time, having a physical office will be a major inconvenience. Technology enables us to work virtually anywhere in the world, so even if you don’t need to be tied down to a particular location, a virtual office still gives your business a permanent address. And if your virtual office is in the same location as a serviced office building, such as the UOE Hub, you can use the meeting rooms there, just in case you need to impress a client!

It’s cheap!

A virtual office address will give you the credibility of a permanent business address, without the expense of renting an office or even a hot desk that you don’t need. And with the option of a mail forwarding service, you won’t even need to take the time and trouble to visit in order to pick up post, which will also save you time.

For more information regarding virtual office space and how they can be advantageous for your business, get in touch!

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