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Tinc pencil case, bags & stationery shop

16 Jan 2018

tinc shop

Think, inspire create

Every new school term is accompanied by a trip to the shops for new stationery, pencil cases, school bags and accessories. And when you’re a kid, the more colourful the better!

Tinc is one of the trendiest brands that’s aimed at the younger market. It’s creative, colourful and fun, and kids love it. Whether they need a new eraser, pencil case, backpack, water bottle, a notebook to write important thoughts in, a colourful pen to write those thoughts with, or a birthday present for their best friend, there’s bound to be something fun or functional, or both!

Why adults love Tinc

The great thing about Tinc products is that they’re well-made and are specifically designed to encourage creativity. In fact, Tinc stands for ‘Think INspire Create’ and is designed to help children discover the joy of making, learning and doing.
tinc bag
There are a lot of psychological studies that detail how important creativity is in the workplace as it impacts on problem solving skills, innovation, teamwork, new products and services, and leadership. Useful skills to help them succeed in later life is why creativity is such a hugely important part of childhood development, so surely anything that encourages kids to use their imaginations instead of sitting in front of a computer screen has to be a wonderful thing!

A special notebook could encourage them to start a diary, write a story or poem, make lists, make plans, or just scribble. Even doodling is better for creativity than a computer game (and maybe it could lead on to a lucrative career creating those games rather than spending time and money playing them!)

Tinc isn’t just for kids though. The wide range of colours and fun designs appeals to stationery lovers of all ages. You don’t have to be under 14 to enjoy using scented pens, colourful pencil cases or reusable water bottles with friendly faces on them!

UOE Stores are one of the few retailers selected to sell Tinc products, so why not pop down to your local Store and have a look to see what we’ve got in our Tinc shop!

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