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Are you shreddy for the end of the financial year?

20 Mar 2019

It’s almost the end of another financial year (how did that come around so quickly?) which means it’s time to sort out the dreaded paperwork

It’s likely that your filing cabinets and archives are bursting at the seams, so you’ll need to make some room in which to store this year’s tax accounts. Companies usually achieve this by getting rid of files that are older than the six years they are legally required to keep financial records.

If the records are printed on paper, the safest way to destroy them is to shred them.


Strip cut shredders are by far the fastest ones, but because they produce long strips of paper, they are the least secure. Cross cut shredding is more secure as the paper is cut into small thin strips which make it a lot less easy for even the most patient jigsaw lover to put back together. It also has the advantage of taking up less space, so you can shred even more before you need to empty the bin.

To be really safe, micro cut and confetti cut are the best shredders for a confidential job. They cut your documents into such tiny pieces, they are impossible to reassemble. They may be a bit slower than strip cut and cross cut shredders, and will need regular maintenance, but that’s a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Shredders come in all sizes and strengths, from small desk shredders to heavy duty ones that can handle 25 sheets of paper at a time, and can even cope with staples and forgotten paper clips. Some shredders can also cope with shredding old credit cards and CDs, making them even more valuable when it comes to data security.

Shredding service

If you have huge amounts of shredding and don’t have the shredder with the capacity to handle it, or you just haven’t got time to do it in-house, you can outsource the job to us. We will safely dispose of them and we are BS8470 level 4 compliant, which means you will be given a certificate of destruction and you can rest assured your documents will never be able to be reconstructed.

Contact us to find out more.

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