Do you need a hot desk or a resident desk?

5 Mar 2019

So you’ve set up your own business and decided to move away from your kitchen table and rent a desk in a serviced office space. There are some very compelling reasons to do this.

Freelancers and solopreneurs often report they find it difficult to separate their work and home lives, ending up spending what should be working time on things like housework or shopping or receiving visits from family and friends who don’t understand that just because you’re at home, you are still trying to earn a living.

By renting office space, you will find yourself working in a professional office environment; when others around you are knuckling down to their tasks, it encourages and motivates you to spend your time working more efficiently and therefore more productively.

You will also be amongst other business owners who understand your challenges and pain points – there will always be someone willing to discuss issues with you and suggest workable solutions.

As a bonus, people working in shared office spaces often hire each other’s services, adding to productivity and turnover. Win-win!

Desks at the UOE Hub

At the UOE Hub in Hertford, we offer both Hot Desks and Resident Desks. If you’re wondering which choice would be best for you, here’s a quick guide.

Hot Desks

Pros – Hot desking is the most cost effective option and offers you the greatest flexibility. UOE Hub hot desk membership gives you the flexibility to turn up at the Hub and find a free desk to work on 7 days a week during office hours.

Cons – To keep the Hub clear for all our hot deskers, we ask you to take all your belongings with you when you leave for the day. You will also be restricted to the hours when the UOE Store is open – and even though this is 7 days a week, if you need to work in the evenings – or even pull an all-nighter – you will need to upgrade to a Resident Desk.

Resident Desk

Pros – Upgrade to a Resident Desk and you will have access 24/7. Your desk is allocated to you, so you will be able to sit in the same place every time you visit. You will also have a set of lockable drawers so you don’t have to carry everything around with you.

It’s a great advantage to have access to the Hub whenever you want. So if you need to work late, overnight, or through the weekend, you won’t be restricted to Store opening hours.

Cons – It is a bit more expensive than a hot desk but still great value and less than half the price of the smallest private office we have available.

Want to see it for yourself? Book a tour here.

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