The Right Price is NOT enough.

20 Jun 2015


Many buyers are focused on getting the right price and in these tough times that seems to make perfect sense. However, we would suggest that the right price is simply not enough to achieve the goals of most organisations today.

Consider this scenario:

You’ve been buying laser labels for years. You’ve always bought Avery, they just work. They’ve got 14 (or 18 or 21) labels on a page, they work in your inkjet, laser and copier alike and they’re white and sticky. As labels go they do exact what you want. They’ve even teamed up with Microsoft so you can just tap the code from the box into your Word programme and the page is all laid up perfectly aligned for the labels to print to.. it is just genius…but..they are expensive. You’ve negotiated hard (after all you buy this item all the time!) and got a great price of (for the sake of this story and simple maths) £15.00. We’ll call that ‘the right price’…but the bigger question is “it is the right PRODUCT?”.

Now, it so happens that you’ve heard about these other labels, made by Q-Connect. You’ve used their products before for envelopes, paper and even those sticky yellow notes that are all over the side of your PC monitor but labels. Nope. You like Avery. But lets look a little closer.. The Q-Connect ones work in your inkjet, laser and copier alike, they’re white and sticky and the alignment of the labels match precisely the Avery ones you love…it is just, genius..but… they are LESS expensive. At just (for the simple maths thing again) lets say £5 for a box of 100 sheets.

Now lets assume you buy a box a month. That simple switch from Avery to Q-Connect just saved you £120 more per year than all the hard negotiating on Avery ever did.

That is the effect of the right product at right price by making these positive steps across your buying can have dramatic effects on the money you’re spending to do the work in your business.

UOE’s Expenditure Control Programme (CTRL-ALT-DELETE) is all about this and more. Helping you control your expenditure by making planned and managed alterations to your buying to help delete cost, waste and hassle in the supply chain.

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