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What kind of shared office space user are you?

17 Oct 2018

Shared Office Space

We’re often asked about the people who work at the UOE Hub. Well, we get business people at all stages in their company’s life, from start-up to taking on staff and even outgrowing the space we have available.
As a bit of fun, we’ve created a guide to our Hub users. [Please read in a David Attenborough tone of voice!]

The hotdesker

Usually a freelancer or a start-up entrepreneur, the hotdesker has previously worked in cafés where they have developed the twin skills of making the cheapest cup of coffee last all morning alongside amazing bladder control. Note the confusion, followed by joy on their faces as they arrive blinking into the world of coworking spaces where they can not only have as many free teas and coffees as they like, but also don’t have to take their laptop with them every time they need the loo. They’re also thrilled by the professional working atmosphere, the chance to chat and compare notes with people in the same position, easy access to a plug socket, and the blissful absence of screaming toddlers.

The resident desker

As hotdeskers develop and mature, they begin to build up a collection of more gadgets and paperwork than they can fit into a backpack or large handbag. Wanting more security than previously, but without the growth spurt needed to justify an office, they’re happy to take up a resident desk which gives them the security of a lockable drawer without committing their budget to a lockable office.

The single office dweller

Masters of all they survey, single office dwellers can justly be proud of their advancement to a place of their own. They may still have to make their own tea and put their own mug in the dishwasher, but their pride in their new den is unmistakable. They value the ability to simply close the door at the end of their working day – which can be any time between lunch and midnight or even later – safe in the knowledge that nothing will be moved (or removed!) overnight.

The office Alpha

When the business is mature enough, a business owner takes on staff and thus transitions from solopreneur to leader. As the office Alpha, they now have an assistant to make the free tea or coffee, giving them time to take stock of their larger territory with a sense of satisfaction and pride. They now have someone else to do the jobs they don’t want to, or that aren’t suited to their talents. But with new responsibility, they also need to work harder, and appreciate having 24/7 access to their den. Luckily they can see other Alphas doing the same through the glass partitions of their office walls, leading to late night chats that could turn into profitable commissions.

Whatever stage your small business is at, we have serviced office space to suit your needs, with a professional working atmosphere that will help motivate you to Get Work Done! Click here if you would like to book a tour of the UOE Hub in Hertford.

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