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The best places to take your clients to lunch in Hertford


Hertford is well known in the East Herts area for its many and diverse places to eat. So if you’re …

How to emulate your business heroes


You’ve got the best idea for a business, you know what you’re doing, you’re enthusiastic, you’re a hard worker, and …

How to work effectively when you’re a solopreneur


Being your own boss is great – you’ve got no-one telling you what to do, you completely manage your own …

Don’t let fear of rejection ruin your business


We all hate rejection, but it’s a part of everyday life, and the better you can handle it, the more …

It doesn’t have to be lonely working from home in Hertford


It’s estimated that around a quarter of employees dream of owning their own business. Unfortunately, many of those who go …

Using your character traits to help you succeed in business


Entrepreneurs like Lord Sugar, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs and the like are few and far between. Their autobiographies and biographies …

Top five business tips from celebrity women entrepreneurs


In the years since the 2008 recession, the number of self-employed women has risen by 40%. According to the FSB, …

Live in Hertford & planning whether to retire late or early?


It’s official, people are retiring later and later these days, and self-employment is playing a very large part in it.

According …

How to look like a brand


We all have our own brand, but on a personal level we don’t call it ‘brand’, we call it personality. …

Interview with Chris Dixon at UOE Hub Hertford


Meet the hot desking co-workers at our shared office space in Hertford

If you are considering renting serviced office space or …

Is flexible office space the new frontier in Hertford?


The office landscape has changed radically over the past few years, thanks to improvements in technology. Flexible working has been …

How to set up a temporary office


If, say, you’re based in Hertford and are looking for a temporary office or a short-term office rental, it’s actually …

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